Golf Instruction

Olympia Country & Golf Club currently has two PGA Class A Professionals on staff. We provide individual and group lessons by appointment. Our current curriculum for the 2021 golf season includes men’s, seniors’, ladies’ and junior golf clinics. Current pricing for individual lessons are sixty dollars for a forty-five minute lesson.


Golf Professionals

Mitch Berschauer

Head Golf Professional


Mitch became a member of the PGA of America in 2016. He started his career here at Olympia Country & Golf Club in 2012. After three years as their 1st Assistant Golf Professional Mitch accepted a position at Seattle Golf Club under Doug Doxsie, PGA a 30+ year PGA Member in the Northwest and a future Hall of Fame member. In 2018 Mitch accepted the 1st Assistant Golf Professional Position at Overlake Golf & Country Club working under Mark Sursely, PGA another well-known PGA Professional in the Northwest. Mitch is excited to be at Olympia as their Head Golf Professional.

Teaching Methodology

I want to make the game easier for every type of player that comes to see me. I see many players that try and swing like the guys and gals on TV. We all wish we can! Each player has strengths already that they have built in their swing, and I try and capitalize on those. Getting the player off the range and playing more golf on the course is a goal mine. I build a plan with each student, so we reach their ultimate goals of making each student play better golf.

Gabe Barnes

Assistant Golf Professional



Gabe is a Capital High School Alum, a former Division 1 golfer at California State University Northridge and holds a BA in Economics. He has been a member of the community here at the Club since he started playing golf in our junior program over 10 years ago, and is thrilled to continue his work as assistant pro.

Teaching Methodology

The game of golf can be difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. My role as a teacher is to provide all my students a detailed roadmap to achieve whatever goals they have, from competitive golfers to someone just learning the game. In the age of social media, there is so much instructional information out there it can be overwhelming. My experience playing high level amateur golf taught me that while there are certain core fundamentals all good golfers have in common, there is no one perfect way to swing the golf club. Learning how to tackle the mental side of the game, and learning how to practice effectively are two things that help golfers at any level immensely.